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About the Header Image: Idlebrook Wendy Darling Evensen, the baby of our family.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Tumble! Erica's New Baby

Good morning,

That sweet little Brittany puppy on my lap is Tumble.  It's his first visit here early one morning when Erica dropped him off for socialization time on her way to work.  Catherine surprised me by taking this picture.  Had I known, I would have smiled! 

In our dog club we pass our puppies around to get them used to lots of loving hands and soft voices so they will be well-adjusted and acclimated to being in classes and shows with other dogs and people.  That tail in the bottom corner of the image above is our Wendy wagging happily to have Tumble visit.  Our dogs and Tumble are now fast friends.

Catherine took Tumble (his AKC name includes "Head Over Heels," thus his call name) to her office with her that day and Tumble got to meet quite a few more people who told him how sweet he is. 

Tumble will be back to visit us regularly so there will definitely be more pictures.



MarkD60 said...

Super cute!

Lady Jane said...

Isnt Tumble just adorable!!! That is a great idea to get him adjusted. hugs, lj