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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Let the Sun Shine In

Good morning,

One of the delights of living in an old home is the architecture that is not often found in newer homes.  Our home is not huge, but it is comfortable. There are much larger homes just a block away.
We've spent nearly forty years (so far!) restoring this home.  The original leaded glass window had been replaced by frosted (what I've always called "bathroom glass") when we arrived in 1979.  The previous owner said she thought the leaded glass that was here was "old fashioned."  I politely didn't comment (she was a well-known Cincinnati artist married to a physician), but, "old fashioned" is what this home is all about!  I suspect the original leaded glass needed repair that the owners didn't want to have repaired.  We could see the side supports for the original window so knew it once existed.  Without any other information or pictures, we didn't know the colors of the original window, but suspect it was in keeping with the times of the home's building and included greens and yellows as are in neighboring homes.

About ten years ago we commissioned this new window that reflects our tastes and carries the blue and white theme of our Greek Revival home. Andersen Windows replaced the window, then we had a small company from Northern Kentucky design and make the leaded glass window that is encased in glass on both sides for protection.  This is such a beautiful focal point of our home that it was well worth the time and very reasonable investment to make it happen.

When we arrived in 1979, the hallway was painted mauve (yes, dark red!) and the columns and woodwork were dark gray.  The chandelier was a black iron Spanish design.  My first impression was The Addams Family decor.  We immediately repainted the walls a very light blue and the columns and woodwork white.  The window and chandelier updates came much later.
I took today's images with no inside lights turned on.  The sun sets behind this window and there are trees that cast shadows on it.  As the wind blows there is movement that is just beautiful as the sun's rays dance through the glass.  When the hall lights are turned on, the hall is bright and beautiful.

This window restoration project was worth the years of waiting.


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Blogoratti said...

You have a beautiful home, and the effort and patience to restore that window is well worth it in the end, really lovely indeed. Greetings1