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Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Garden for the Birds

Good morning,

We still haven't rented out our bird house which is quite a surprise considering how many birds we have on our property.  We're wondering if it has to do with three dogs outside so much of the time.  We have numerous nests of birds on our property, but no one has moved into the bird house yet.  That's OK, it'll happen.

We have, as we have had for quite some time, an unusually high number of Cardinal couples nesting on our property as well as Robins, Doves, and smaller birds. 

The orange Trumpet Vine has taken over our very large tree in the middle of our back yard.  It grows more than sixty feet up the tree and has dropped so many seeds that it has baby vines all over our garden.  The Trumpet Vine attracts Humming Birds so we have plenty of those, too.

We just love sitting on our patio watching and listening to all of the beautiful birds.  What a blessing.



Sherry said...

I've got a bird house just like that one! It took about 2 weeks before the birds showed any interest. Then they took up residence. It is a joy to have a nice bird house again, after the old one stood rotting for so long. And the nice part, I haven't noticed any squirrels checking it out. They are the ones that destroyed the old one made of plywood.

Marit Johanne said...

It is a lovely decoration! but I am sure the birds will move in sooner or later.