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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Retirement Fun - What a Send Off!

Good morning,

My Honey got a great Retirement send off from the entire crew of Freedom of the Seas.  The 1,400 member crew was assembled in the theater for an all crew meeting when the Captain surprised My Honey (Chief Engineer Kjell Evensen) with a good bye program.

Pictured above are My Honey's Engine Department personnel.  That's him in the "king" chair, and, between the mirror behind him is Captain.
In this image are left to right:  Captain Toni Calne wearing the "Keep Calm, I'm a Captian" shirt, My Honey wearing the "I'm retired.  Don't ask me to do a d..mn thing," me, Dr. Chirs Thielen, Aunt Carol, Patti Thielen, and our daughter, Catherine.  Both Captain's and Chief's shirts were gifts from guests, different guests who had no idea the other gift was being given.  Great minds!

 The two images above were taken by the ship's photographers.

Following are some pictures that friends took during this event.  Pinnacle Members (those guests with the most cruise nights) were invited to the event and took quite a few pictures.
 Captain Toni sure put together a great send-off for Kjell.

 Smile, honey!

 Here come the Engine Department personnel.  :)

 A gift!  Kjell was given a gorgeous watch as a retirement gift from the crew members.

Thank you, Captain Toni, and all the other crew of Freedom of the Seas for the wonderful send off!



Beth said...

I'll say it again, congratulations! What a great way to end one chapter of your life and begin another. I'm sure you will set sail for new adventures, Lois; be happy!



Lois Evensen said...

Hi Beth,

Yes, it's wonderful to be retired. I still have a few more images of all of the retirement celebrations for family and friends who weren't able to be there to see now. :) I'm glad to know you are enjoying them.

Love and hugs,