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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Chief Engineer Retirement Dinner - The Celebration Continues

Good morning,

The retirement events for My Honey continued aboard Freedom of the Seas.  The Officers Dinner to celebrate Kjell's retirement happened to fall on Halloween.  Above you see Kjell, a very sick looking creature (AKA Cruise Director Casey), and Captain Toni.
I'll just let you scroll through a few of these.  They are pretty self explanatory.  ;)

The pictures are all so good I couldn't select just a few.

 OK, time for some more serious pictures.  Above are Chief Engineer Kjell and Captain Toni.
 These are the officers of Kjell's Engine Department.
 And, these are Hotel and Bridge Officers.
 No retirement is complete without lots of food...
 ...and a yummy cake.
Oh, this is so staged.  :\
 Here we have Hotel Director Xavier, me, I'm not sure who he was supposed to be, but that's Mike from the terminal in the red dress, Chief Kjell, Mike's wife, Captain Toni, and another friend from the dockside.
 Ooooh, this picture needs a title!
 What a night!
 And, finally, the retiree had a few short words to thank everyone.

What wonderful friends.


1 comment:

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Looks like a wonderful celebration and best wishes on retirement go to Kjell. I will miss the cruising adventures and all those wonderful food pics too!