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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Needlework and Wood Update - December, 2015

Good morning,

It's that time again for another Needlework and Wood Update.  This is a picture story of the items we have made since last month's update.  Some of the items are for ourselves to use, some for gifts, and some are in our on-line Etsy shop.  Be sure to scroll all the way down to see the gorgeous new wood items that My Honey has created.

Above is a soft wool blend original design sweater.  I've had this one in mind for a long time.  I have now designed and made two of them, one in a child size and this one in an adult size.  Both are available in the shop.  Now to make one in MY size for ME!  ;)
Here's a fun hat in the intarsia Nordic technique. 
And, here's another with a braid attached.  The little girls love these. 
This dog or cat sweater is to restock one recently sold in the shop...
...and to match is a cowl scarf so you and your pet can wear matching "outfits" when you go out for a walk.   I like cowl scarves for walking dogs, driving the car, carrying packages, etc., because the scarf won't slide off.  .Each item can be purchased separately.
 I made these extra large, double thick cotton red, white, and blue pot holders/hot pads to give as a gift.  I plan to make another set for the shop.  We use these at home and they are wonderful.
 And, to restock I made another set of lavender sparkle luggage identifiers...
 ...and a set of pink, too.
My Honey has been extremely busy in his wood workshop making spectacular items. 
These seam rippers are available in the shop.
He also made a number of pens for the shop, gifts, and ourselves.
We especially like this Gatsby style pen.

 He makes them in a variety of different hard woods.

Many of these are in the shop with detailed descriptions of the wood and hardware.
 And, just a few more.  :)
 This is something new!  This is a gold plated coffee scoop...
 ...and, another in chrome plate.  The turned wood handles are just gorgeous.  What a really nice gift!
 He made several salt and pepper shakers...
 ...and a yo yo for me.  I'm still pretty good at this!
 Finally for this month, he made this spectacular polished brass and turned Honduras Rosewood pair of candlesticks.  Wow!  I just LOVE these!

So, that's what's new this month.  Thanks so much to those of you who offer us such encouragement and share images and information about what you are making, too.  And, without question, thank you so much to those who shop in our little on line shop:

All the very best for wonderful holidays!



Karen Ruane said...

Lois, Hi!! It was so good to hear from you. How are you? I hope your family are all well....xxx

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Karen,

It's so good to hear from you, too! I so enjoy seeing your blog and Facebook posts showing all of the beautiful things you are making! :)

We're fine. My blog necessarily lags real time since we travel so much. We are at sea again until February, but still close here on the Internet. Of course, I have my knitting needles with me out here. ;)

Merry Christmas!

All the very best to you and your family,

Tanya said...

Wow! You both have been really busy! The pens and the seam rippers are exquisite. And I love your dual color sweater. I see the red and white one at the bottom of your post too. Great for this season!