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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Lunch on the Dockside - Toensberg, Norway

Good morning,

One thing we didn't miss while we were in Norway was the food! 

We took our siblings to lunch on the Toensberg Dockside very close to the draw bridge across Vestfjord.
Shortly after we were seated we heard the horn sounding to warn that the bridge would be opened for boat traffic.
The sailboat passed through the the bridge was lowered.  This bridge is for foot traffic only.
Don't let the bright sun fool you.  It was quite cold outside for an outdoor meal, but the restaurants offer warm chair covers and blankets to keep patrons warm.
They all turned to the camera at the same time!  Closest on the left is our extremely handsome nephew, Stian, to his left is sister-in-law Torild, behind her is brother Rune, across the table is sister Hanne (Stian's Mom), that empty chair is mine, then My Honey who is obviously telling me something about how to take the picture. ;)
From the other direction we can see that bridge, still up for boats to pass below.  Look carefully at the two red space heaters on the right and left of the horizontal beam.  Those do a terrific job of keeping the outdoor seating very comfortable when the temperature is in the 60's F.
The order has been placed and the food begins to arrive.
 Fresh bread is served with mayonnaise.
 Open face beef sandwich for Stian. 
 Chicken Caesar salad.  This was my lunch.  Rune had the same.
 Mussels in white wine sauce was My Honey's lunch.
 Torild had the king of all cheeseburgers. 
 After lunch I ordered coffee.  I was asked if I wanted American coffee so said, "Sure, that sounds good."  I said I would like to have cream and this is what I got.  That's a bowl of whipped cream.   The coffee was closer to the Norwegian coffee than any American coffee I've had, but I didn't mind that either.  It was unexpected and delicious!
 After lunch My Honey and I said goodbye to family, most of whom went back to work, and we strolled down the dockside past the Viking ships.   People in costume were there giving a tour.  I'll have more of the tours in a later post.

Tomorrow I'll feature images from our walk into the old town square.


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Rose said...

What a great place to dine!