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Friday, June 19, 2015

The Journey to Norway

Good morning,

It took us 22 hours to get from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, to Torp, Sandefjord, Norway.  Our final destination via car was Toensberg, Norway.
Our trip included flights from Cincinnati to Altanta, Atlanta to Amsterdam (a very long flight), and Amsterdam to Torp, Norway.  Most of the long portion of the flight was at night, but it was difficult to sleep.
It was Delta and KLM all the way.  The most comfortable flight was the last one between Amsterdam and Torp.
Off in the distance, you can see windmills in Amsterdam,  It was also interesting to see our altitude on the monitor when we landed.  We were 8 meters below sea level.
 As we flew into airspace over Southern Norway, we spotted a Royal Caribbean ship sailing out of Oslo Fjord.  We had to zoom to get this, so the quality is not great, but the ship is unmistakably an RCCL ship.

 As we descended to the approach to Torp, the lush green of Norwegian farms came into view.

Watch this space for more of our trip to Norway!

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What a glorious travel log.

Gayle said...


Rose said...

Glad you are there safe and sound. That sure is a long flight...I didn't even think about that before. I hope you can sleep while flying...or did you knit? Can you have knitting needles?

Pamela Gordon said...

Wow. What beautiful scenery from the plane! That would be a fabulous trip. Enjoy every minute.

Barbara said...

How wonderful that you can make this trip, and how wonderful of you to take us along! We will be watching this new scenery. Do enjoy yourselves.

Rick Watson said...

Holy Molly! That is a beautiful place. I have to ask? How did you decide on that destination?

Lois Evensen said...

Rose: Yes, the TSA allows knitting needles; I printed out that TSA page and put it with my knitting. I didn't do much on the flight because even in Economy Comfort on Delta and KLM, it was pretty tight. I did a little knitting in Norway while visiting family, but not much because we were so busy. I'm glad I had my knitting in my checked luggage on the way back after I read all the security signs on the other side of the pond. The most intense security check by the TSA and/or overseas was after return to the USA in Detroit and before the flight back to Cincinnati. It cracked me up that the shoes off, belt off, small liquids out of the bag, full body xray machine, etc., were used well past the overseas flights and just before the puddle jumper 45 minute flight from Detroit to Cincinnati. Overkill at the wrong time. Go figure.

Rick: My husband was born in Toensberg, Norway, and left at age 15 to go to sea. He became a US citizen for more than a decade ago as soon as his job (ship's flag) no longer required he retain Norwegian citizenship. We went to Norway to visit family, friends, and the old stomping grounds this time.

Thanks, everyone, for visiting and your kind comments.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

What a change to be in the air as oppsed to on the water, Lois. And I found it amazing that you could recognize the ship from that high up because I could not from the photo. Glad you have both have had safe travels. Always nice to see friends and family awaiting at arrival.

Lois Evensen said...

Beatrice: The shape of RCCL ships is distinctive. Not only was My Honey on the building team for three of them, we spend so much time aboard them we know that design anywhere. ;) It's the same as being able to recognize your child in a crowd of children.