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Monday, June 15, 2015

Portable Project

Good morning,

Every sweater starts with a few rows of knitting.  These pretty white rows are the beginning of a lovely soft sweater with an applique crochet flower on the front.  It is a custom order request. 

The wonderful part about knitting is that it is portable.  I am never shy about knitting anywhere. 

If you knit or crochet, do you carry your projects with you away from home?



Cathy said...

Hello Lois
I most cetainly do! Those needles and wool come along most places I go - great for whiling time away 'anywhere'. There's always something in my bag for travel local or overseas - and definitely when cruising :)
Did you Knit in Public ladt Saturday?

Jenny said...

I love looking at those first few rows of a project. I carry my knitting everywhere these days. Wherever I'm taking my boys that involves waiting, I have my knitting. I've even been know to knock out a few rows in stand-still traffic.

Rose said...

It looks so soft in the photo...if I did knit or crochet, I would take it with me. I used to always keep hand sewing projects going that I could take with me...

River Glorious said...

Especially at doctors' offices, Lois. You can forget why you went there in the first place. :)

Your Peonies are lovely. I've read about them in novels and imagined them so different than these. These are something!

Tanya said...

I've tried crochet on long airplane trips but I've never done knitting. I was worried that the airlines wouldn't like the pointed needles. (I mean, they've taken away my tiny embroidery scissors before, I didn't think they'd let me cart around knitting needles.) And before I lost my embroidery scissors I used to do embroidery on the airplane too. This summer I'm thinking of taking my tatting along! You can't be more innocuous than twiddling a tatting shuttle!