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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I Hop Lunch

Good morning,

Now it's time to enjoy food OFF of the ship.  ;)  This was our first meal (lunch) after we left Freedom of the Seas in Port Canaveral and began our road trip back to Ohio.

That's a double BLT served with fruit instead of fries.  I was being good.  ;)

Homeward bound!



carolann said...

Lois how many cruises do you take a year or months? Are you taking all the info from past trips in your whole year?

I mean I went on a cruise and very, expensive. Then you have all what you want to buy on trip.
Us women like to chop till we drop even on the ship.

Or your just wealthy ha-ha or you get good rates.

I am serious. I sit here reading all you show and once your on one trip. To me each one even though it has a different ship name. They are all the same layout and things to do. Hairdressers the whole nine yards. Only thing different is when you go off to Islands and little towns. Then yes it is delightful. That is the spectacular bonus.

A inquisitive person I am sorry as I read your blogs.

Okay throw a pillow at me for asking. I am just wondering.

Hugs to you though.

TexWisGirl said...

yum! hooray!

Rose said...

Looks delicious! I bet it feels good to be going home to see your daughter and the dogs.

Elaine said...

Good to be going home after a long tour on board. Of course you stopped at IHop first, and that BLT looks yummy!