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Monday, June 24, 2013

New Flag Pole

Good morning,

Back in 2010 I shared the sad story of our old catalpa tree here on my blog.  The dear old catalpa was going to come down on its own so we had it removed before it could cause any damage.  That story is here.
The stump of the catalpa tree was removed so the ground was soft.  We waited nearly three years before installing a much-wanted flag pole.  These first pictures were taken last Fall.
Our friend Bill does things right.  Here he's preparing a base of concrete...
...while carefully measuring.
These are the reinforcement rods that would go into the concrete base.
 Here Bill is carefully setting the holder for the flag pole.
 He is extremely accurate. :)
 I had to take a picture of Bill's kayak that he had on his truck when he came over.  He and daughter Catherine were on their way for a trip on the river after some work on the flag pole. :)
 Back to the flag pole base first.  :)

 As soon as the concrete was poured, it needed some time to harden.
 A few days later Bill was back to lay the stones.
 Again, it's perfect!
If you look in the background of this image (it's that bird looking into the security camera again!) taken several months later you can see the stonework finished and tulips blooming around the flag pole base.
FAST FORWARD to now!  Here is how the flag pole looked a few days ago.  Those are The Tree People's tools at the base of the flagpole now.  And, that's one of those tree people on my neighbor's home removing our tree that was getting too close over there.  :)

More tree removal images to come.  :)

What's happening at your home this summer?

All the best,


MarkD60 said...

Very nice workmanship.

TexWisGirl said...

very nice job. looks good.

Sherry said...

It's nice to see quality workmanship. Job well done!

Pamela Gordon said...

Your friend, Bill, did a beautiful job on the flagpole base. It looks really nice there with the flags flying in front of your beautiful home. I can see where your tree definitely had to come down. It sure was close to your neighbour's house! We had 14 trees removed professionally this spring. What a difference it makes in our yard and even inside the house. So much brighter!

Michelle said...

Great work on the concrete area. A little painting happening around here :)

Montanagirl said...

Very nice job! I think he's a perfectionist (like my husband). If he does a job, he does it RIGHT!!