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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Needlework Update - December, 2012

Good morning,

It has been a very busy month designing and making more knit and crochet items.  I surprise myself when I line up the items I have made since the update last month.  This is a labor of love and is so much fun. I alternate between knit and crochet as well as between large projects and small ones.  This makes life much more interesting. Do you do that when you are creating? 

Above is another set of three Mug Rugs which are also used as Snack Mats, Wash Cloths, Dish Cloths.  I knit two more sets of these and they'll be in the shop in January.
This basket weave scarf is made of pure wool.  So soft and very manly.  ;)  This one was a special order.
The bottle covers are fun to make and are so cute.  This one is in Spring pastels.
Three more turtles all in a row. :)
And another bottle cover in "sea foam."  This one and another like it will be in the shop in January.
Ah, a purple/lavender fashion scarf that will also keep you warm.
Cables! This is also a special order.
This Tunisian Crochet table runner will be in the shop for next holiday season. It was fun to make this for a change of pace, although it took longer than standard crochet.  It produces a very nice fabric for a table runner and will be lovely from year to year.  I worked a reverse crochet border to give it more body and a nice flat edge.
This sweater will also be in the shop in mid January.  It's a gorgeous shade of mint green and is super soft.  It's a light weight yarn so took quite a long time to knit, but was worth it. It is just so pretty.
This is a Baby Girl Homecoming set of blanket, hat with darling princess button on the top, and soft doll. 
And, finally for this month's Needlework Update is this 100% soft wool hat.  It's a special order so is spoken for, but I'll be making a similar one to put into the store in January.

So, what are you making?  I just love visiting other blogs to see the beautiful projects everyone else is making.  As a person who creates I have a true appreciation for the creations of others.

The shop to which I refer throughout this post is our on line Etsy Shop, EvensensProductions.com.  I invite you to come over and take a look at the more than 100 items that we have there.  There is also a link with some pictures in the right side bar.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging.  ;)

All the best,


Annmarie Pipa said...

so pretty!!! must make you smile when you see what you have accomplished! good for you!

Gail said...

Wow!!! I need some lessons from you.

angela said...

You are so clever, they are all lovely.

Tanya said...

The cable scarf it beautiful!

Michelle said...

Beautiful work! You are a talented person. I like them all, but the cable scarf is my favorite.

Kelly said...

Love all the projects you did, especially the cable neck scarf!

River Glorious said...

My vote is for the last one, the blue hat. Well done! :)