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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dreamworks Parade at Sea

Good morning,

During every cruise we see the Dreamworks characters on board Freedom of the Seas.
At the end of each cruise there is a parade of the characters so I was there with my camera.  :)

The kids and the adults love this!
And, it's obvious the actors enjoy it, too.

 Of course, what I like the best is the characters we all know and love. 

 So much fun!



Nedra said...

Looks like a lot of fun.

Gail said...

My grandsons would love this. I would, too.

TexWisGirl said...

cute bunch of characters. :)

Rose said...

I cannot help but wonder what Lorelei would think of it all...I would think she would love it.

sparkle100-havealook.blogspot.com said...

Amazing how one ship looks the same as the others. I feel like I am living my trip on the ship all over.
Looking at the Christmas Deco's and ship your on. I love the Christmas balls. I think I had the Christmas wreathes then up high.As I went in Sept.

I was looking at my pictures on my tip yesterday.

The shows are nice at night right? I think they have some in afternnon also.
Have you gone too them? I went to every one I think hubby and I.

I mean they are so breathtaking the preformances. The sparkle clothes and the talent.

Did you get your picture taken together later to be put in a picture frame all dressed up. Near the end of your departure you can go pick them up.

Did you get sea sick? I got sort of sick near the end of my trip when we had to get into the docks.There was a wee storm upon us.

Did you buy anything at the nice jewellers upstairs the ship?

My hubby tried to get me my fav broach of the ship in diamonds for our Anniversary. They ran out so he got me Logo gold braclet and the silver braclet of the Princes Ship. Perhaps they have them in now while your on ship. The ship broach is beautiful. I see a picture of it.
I spent half hour in there just so many lovely Bling, blings

Did you get a chance to go to the big sale room up stairs. Everything is dirt cheap and the name brands.
I never knew what the room was and this lady pulled my arm to tell me go have a look. Wow! I was amazed.

I wentalso the Hairdresser and got my hair cut off as I had it long and my nails done and skin pampering.Hours of pampering. Loved it.

Expensive but was so nice.

I guess I was a spend aholic on that cruise trip. To me it was all worth it. I loved the beaches off the ship.

Nice your able to put pictures up.

I found the computer room highly expensive to do that.

I guess I wanted to pamper myself. Ha,ha.

My camera got stolen but luckly my son took all pictures of the trip and the Islands.

Made me a cd of it.

Well have fun. I like the Characters. We never had that there.

Your perfect time near Christmas.

Have Fun, fun.

Lucky lady.

Carol Ann

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Everyone,

Wow, so many questions from Carol Ann. I guess the best answer is, yes, we have done just about everything many, many times and we love it!

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by and for your very kind comments.

All the best,

Elaine said...

So many things to do on your ship I'm not sure I'd get any relaxing done! But really, things like this you just can't miss.