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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Good morning,

When we awoke in our Tennessee Hampton Inn I looked out the window and saw our chariot awaiting us.  This was to be the last leg of our trip from Florida to Ohio.  We were excited to get on the road and get home.
We left early so were in some of the Knoxville rush hour traffic, but it wasn't a problem at all.
Picture post card scenery!
It was hard to get a decent picture here while moving at 70 mph.  This river flowed off into the morning fog.  Just beautiful.
 We traveled through the last Tennessee mountains...
 ...and cruised into the Bluegrass State of Kentucky.
 What a day!  What a view!  It was gorgeous.
 That's a truck load of goats up there.
 If we didn't want to get home right away we would have enjoyed some sight seeing.

 Just a little more than an hour to go!
 We passed the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington...
 ...as I snapped another set of pictures of these familiar sights.
 I love this old home.  I have to snap a picture quickly as we pass, then do some cropping to be able to use it, but isn't it worth it!
 Soon we crossed the Mighty Ohio River and were back in Cincinnati.  Yes, that's a picture of my arm in the mirror again.  I do that quite often.  ;)
 I snapped this picture as we were pulling up the drive.  I see the cement work we are having done on the front steps is not quite finished.
 The first picture in this post is of the front of our car this morning in Tennessee.  Here is the back in Ohio just before Noon.  ;)
 Erik bringing me one of his favorite toys.  Wow, was it fun to see Erik and Penny again.  Penny was dancing around the back yard with a toy in her mouth when I took this one of Erik.  I didn't snap fast enough of Penny, but I'm sure I'll get plenty of pictures of her while we are home. 

My, that sounds good:  HOME!  We are home and it is wonderful!

I hope you enjoyed traveling with us.

All the best,


Diana said...

Welcome home Lois! The ride through Kentucky is gorgeous, Tennessee too.
I can imagine those dogs get very excited upon your arrival!!
Love Di ♥

Jan n Jer said...

What a gorgeous house you live in!!! Welcome home!

grammie g said...

Hi Lois...There is no place like home is there!!
Wonderful that you had a safe trip, and some lovely spots to share with us along the way!! No worry about your arm in the way...my Mom always had a finger in just about ever picture she ever took, because of the way she held the camera..we still talk about to this day!!
I can just imagine how excited the dogs must have been..so cute!!

Sherry said...

I would love to know the history behind that old house along your way. It's been there for awhile!

TexWisGirl said...

yay, yay, yay! i know you are happy (as happy as your pups!)

Elaine said...

A beautiful morning drive, but nothing can compare to the joy of being home again after being away for a while. Delightful welcoming committee!

DeniseinVA said...

A lovely journey home Lois and welcome back. Your house is gorgeous, and Eric must have been thrilled to see you too. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful photos.

rkbsnana said...

Home is good. But your travels seem so fabulous.

River Glorious said...

:) Nothing like a furry friend to greet you at the end of your journey.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your trip back!! love the pretty photos!! Too bad you didn't see me driving by the Horse Park, that's where the dog show was. Your house is so pretty! It's so nice to walk back in your own home isn't it!!! ...debbie

Rose said...

I can just imagine how good it is to be home and how glad Erik and Penny were to see you and you them.