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Friday, September 7, 2012

Beside the Ohio River

Good morning,

We strolled along the Ohio River in Fernbank Park and enjoyed a gorgeous day.  That tree just needs a mouth and two eyes and it would make a perfect troll.
Many years ago there was a dam here as part of the Ohio River dam system to insure river levels high enough to maintain river traffic.
The dam system was known as The Great Stairway that brought the river up the "stairs" created by the many dams.
At about the same time as the dams were completed, they were no longer necessary because of advances in technology to make each dam more efficient.
Several of the buildings are still here and are a part of the park system.
It is a great history lesson to understand the system, see where the dam stood, and see the park that remains.

 The dams were staffed by workers who lived on the property with their families.
 I remember many years ago when people were told not to eat the fish caught in the Ohio River because of pollution.  That is not the case today.
 We feel our parks are national treasures.



VP said...

Please keep your treasures safe, we are often unable to do the same...

Anonymous said...

I think this year more people have visited their States National and local parks. They are so full of history and things of interest. I think parents need to take their children so they will have a sense of value in their state or local history. Nice post!!...debbie

TexWisGirl said...

glad it recovered well. i like that troll tree.

Anonymous said...

That tree shot is great! Hope you have a nice weekend.

Diana said...

What a nice stroll Lois! My goodness, I thought you'd be relaxing at home after all of your travels!
Love Di ♥

Jack said...

Well, Lois, you seem to have adapted to life on Ohioan terra firma pretty smoothly. The history of the river is fascinating.

Montanagirl said...

Nice stroll! Love your Troll tree too.

Elaine said...

Wonderful that the pollution in the river has been cleaned up. The troll tree is great!