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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shopping and Eating - What's Not to Like!

Good morning,

Here are a few more images of the Royal Promenade aboard Freedom of the Seas.
These first two images were taken on a sea day when the promenade is host to a sidewalk sale.  I'm often asked if it is expensive to shop on board a ship and I'm happy to say there are plenty of things you can buy for yourself or as gifts that are very reasonably priced.  Of course, if you want the more expensive items, you can find those here, too.
Above is the Cafe Promenade.  It's open 24/7 where you can get coffee and light snacks.  Note the dog tied up to the post outside the cafe.  ;)
The Britto store is new since the dry dock revisions last year.  Britto is an artist who produces bright and happy designs to hang on your wall, wear, and use.  From all the Britto shopping bags I see, I think the shop is quite successful.
 Ah, the Cupcake Cupboard.  It's closed right now since we are in port, but this is the place to find a sweet treat and lessons about how to decorate them yourself.  There are also cupcake related items for sale in the shop.
 The General Store is open today while we are in port.  It's where you can pick up some booze to take home or small sundry items you may have forgotten to bring:  toothpaste, combs, shaving cream, etc.
 Items in the window of this shop are available for purchase when the ship sails and the shop opens.
 And, finally, one of my favorite restaurants.  Sorrento's Pizza is so very good!  We just love the thin crispy crust and the variety of toppings changes daily so you can get some pretty exotic pizza in addition to the old standbys. 

You will never go hungry on a cruise ship!



Diana said...

You could live there Lois! Can people bring dogs on a cruise? I didn't think so. Maybe it was a doggie statue!! Love Di ♥

Montanagirl said...

Lots of shopping..Love it!

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Diana,

Service animals are permitted on cruise ships, but the one is the picture is part of the artwork. :)))

Thanks for your comments, Di. I look forward to visiting your blog on Sunday when we are in port.


Nedra said...

How to do not gain 500 lbs and spend every paycheck? Cruise life looks so luxurious.

Mamabug said...

I'm totally amazed at what's on board this cruise ships. That's really cool!

Sherry said...

Geez, with all there is to do on ship, why would anyone want to go ashore??? Oh, and thanks for another picture of the cupcake shop! I have a fantasy of owning my own cupcake shop!

Rose said...

I love the flooring! You probably think I am crazy but it sure catches my eye.

Elaine said...

You could be walking down the sidewalk in a little town--although the shops look a bit fancier than you would find in most small towns!

Pamela Gordon said...

I am enjoying your posts and tours of the ship and learning a lot. It is all very amazing to me that this is all on a ship! I hope you're having a lovely cruise. Blessings, Pamela

NixBlog said...

How quaint they have made it all look, Lois... It's just like Main St in a small town.