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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

St. Augustine, FL to Viero, FL - Road Trip and Car Wash

Good morning,

This day we awoke in St. Augustine, Florida, to finish our journey to Viero, Florida, where we will spend our last night before going on board Freedom of the Seas tomorrow morning. 

We arrived a little early at our Hampton Inn and our room wasn't quite ready so we walked through the parking lot to Bob Evans for lunch.  As we crossed the back lot of Bob Evans, we passed a group of high school boys with parents and coaches in the middle of a car wash fund raiser.  We had our lunch, then on the way back made the management decision that our car needed washing.

How could we possibly pass up a $5 hand wash?
We pulled into line and watched the vehicle ahead of us get the initial wash.  A parent or teacher who took our $5 told us the kids were a high school lacrosse team washing cars to earn money for uniforms. 
The young men were a riot!  They danced and played as they washed cars.  The obviously knew some of the customers.
While in line the mascot from out on the highway waving to potential customers came back for a break.  How could you miss this?  How could you not help this group earn money for uniforms?
 Here comes the man with the soapy sponge...
 ...while someone else is in charge of the power washer.
 This how it looks from the inside...
 ...of our soapy car.  :)
 These young folks worked very hard...
 ...to earn $5 per car.
 And then, when washing was complete...
 ..."please pull forward" for the rinse...
 ...then detail...
 ...towel dry.
 As we pulled out and called, "Thank you!" the "Thank YOU!" was called back to us.  We drove around Bob Evans back to our Hampton Inn next door and saw there was plenty more car wash business lined up.

Now for a good night's sleep.  Tomorrow morning we will again go down to the sea to board Freedom of the Seas at Port Canaveral.  I so look forward to Christmas aboard Freedom of the Seas.  I'll surely have pictures of Christmas at Sea to share with you here soon.

Very best,


Ed note:  Since we are traveling again, my posts are running a few days behind so that I can get to an Internet connection with enough band width to upload images and get pages with images to load.  I take pictures and write every day in Dreamweaver, then upload the posts a few days later when I get the needed Internet connection.  I do have email 24/7 and am thankful for that.  :)   -LAE



Wanda..... said...

A car wash was never so much fun. Youths in the area here often have their chance to earn money, but not at the moment, it's 7 degrees here!

Unknown said...

You couldn't have chosen a better time to take your cruise. I'm sure that you have already had reports from home about the frigid temps sweeping through our great state of Ohio. Have a safe and warm journey, but most of all have a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! I looked at the shirtless boys in the obvious warm, sunny day and looked out the window at the 3 inches of snow, knowing it was only 18 degrees out there....what a difference a few hundred miles makes...sigh...debbie

Beth said...

Lois, what a cool blog! Christmas On The Seas sounds like the name of a book, or a poem :-) Do you do this every year? What, and miss our Midwest Winter?? Where it is now a balmy 21F, up from 5F this morning.

May you have fair seas and following winds, and a happy holy day season!

Your friend from byhookbyhand,


Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

Yes, it is lovely to be here. The sea is always a good place to spend the holidays. I'm already scrambling to make a few more items to give as gifts, too. I'm writing down the patterns and taking pictures so they will surely appear on my blog soon.

Some of you already know, but I've been asked again about our being at sea so much. My Honey is a Maritime Marine Engineer so we spend a great deal of time at sea. It's a good life and we are both glad we are able to travel together. The kids are grown, all is under control at home, and we enjoy being together so this works very well.

Welcome, Beth! I've enjoyed your blog for a long time.

Very best,