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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Changing Weather at Sea

Good morning,

I have only two images and a link below today, but they tell an interesting story about the weather.

The image above was taken off the island of Coco Cay, Bahamas recently.  This is one of the private destinations of Royal Caribbean and I'll have more images of it coming soon.  What you see is a storm approaching that produced some heavy rain and wind, but disappeared just about as quickly as it came. 
This second image was taken as we were pulling out of St.Thomas, U.S.V.I. last week at sundown.  We had a scattered shower or two that day, but the rest of the day was clear and gorgeous.

So, of course, not all days on a cruise ship are sunny, but the storms are usually few and far between.

Hurricanes are a different story and I was asked about them recently.  Since we are a floating hotel and weather forecasting is fairly accurate, we are able to move out of the way of serious storms.  Back in 2004 while aboard Majesty of the Seas I documented our week Avoiding Hurricane Frances.  Click on the link to see the images and story of that week. 




granny said...

You certainly have a busy and interesting life Lois !
I can never work out if you are home or floating about in the ocean :0)I love reading about all your adventures.

Montanagirl said...

Those photos were terrific of the impending storm. I don't believe I'd like that very much!

River Glorious said...

Here in Puerto Rico we are keeping an eye on Earl... and I have to check and see if the next wave has become a depression (would be Fionna). I did grocery shopping, so we're fine in tthe food department.

Glad you are safe!

Elaine said...

I don't think I'd like being on a cruise during a storm. I have a bit of a problem with motion sickness, and you would think a big cruise ship would not be a problem, but when we were on our cruise I had to wear one of the patches. That helped a lot. Hopefully you'll have smooth sailing.

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

As large as this ship is, we don't feel much motion. But, we are used to it. When our daughter comes to visit, she notices motion that we don't notice.

River, we are keeping an eye on Earl, too. We will not be where he is, that's for sure. ;) I'm glad you are hunkered down with plenty of supplies.

Thank you, everyone, for stopping by.

Very best,

karen said...

absolutely beautiful images, hope you don't meet too many hurricanes!!