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Monday, August 9, 2010

Baby Blanket - Knit

Good morning,

Although I am out here on the high seas and I always have something nearby to knit or crochet.  I just made that pretty little baby blanket above.
The blanket is knit using a pattern from one of my favorite knitting books. I have a number of favorites from Vogue Knitting, to Interweave Knitting, to books with easy and quick patterns.  When I have a more difficult pattern project going, I like to have something easy and quick to work on, too, if I want to spend an evening chatting or watching TV while knitting.
I always bring two or three books along and toss some yarn in the case, too, then figure out what I will make when I get here.  So the pattern credit for this cute blanket goes to the July, 2010, issue of Creative Knitting.
I just love the pattern stitch.  It's simple, yet produces a lovely textured fabric.  Sometimes I use the books for inspiration, sometimes I follow a pattern exactly.
I still have plenty of the yarn with me.  Now that I have made the wonderfully soft and textured blanket, I think I will use the same pattern stitch and design a little sweater and hat, too.

Do you do that?  Do you get a pattern stitch you really like, then start to visualize different things you can make with it?

When I make something else with this stitch, I'll publish the pattern here for anyone who might be interested.

Very best,



Diana said...

Well Lois I don't knit but it is a very nice blanket. I need to get busy crocheting some baby stuff soon for my DIL'S sister. I hope my hands can handle it!
Love Di ♥

Jenny said...

Cute little blanket! Is it for someone in particular? That is a cute stitch pattern. It would nice in a ladies' sweater, too! I sometimes take stitch patterns from a book or magazine and then make something completely different. If I made a blanket, though, I'd probably be too sick of the stitch pattern to make something else with it. I have to keep switching it up!

Martys Fiber Musings said...

You are right....this is a very pretty little baby blanket.

Ya know, I thought something was wrong with me 'cause I often will take a quilt project a step further, often making two of the same design, just using different fabrics. Fun!

Anonymous said...

OH HOW PRETTY!!! I love knitted or crocheted baby blankets. They are so soft! Very pretty Lois! ...debbie

Elaine said...

Lovely little blanket and very pretty pattern stitch. I have not knitted for quite a while, but whenever I am doing a project of any kind I always seem to change something from the instructions. Of course, sometimes that is just to cover up a mistake I made.

Sherry said...

This brings back a lot of memories. I used to knit and crochet a lot. For years, everyone I knew that had a baby, got one of my baby afghans, including my first grandchild.

Olive Knitting said...

great blanket. that is a nice stitch. I'm currently working on washcloths (I know, boring) to replenish my gift stash. Do you think that stitch would work on a washcloth?

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning, everyone,

Jenny, this one isn't for anyone in particular. I always keep one baby blanket or sweater/hat in reserve for the next time I need one for a gift. I just gave away the one I had at home so this one will be the next one in waiting for the gift opportunity to arise.

Marty, I make more than one thing with a stitch I like, too. Case in point: my dozens of flower afghans. I'm working on a sweater and then a hat with the blanket pattern stitch that I'll publish here, too, when I get it finished. I'm getting sick of the stitch, that's for sure! But, it was fun designing the sweater pattern with it.

Yes, Lynn, that would make a great wash cloth. I need to make a few more for my gift box, too, so may include this pattern stitch.

Thank you so much, everyone, for stopping by.

Very best,