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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Firewood - Day 1

Good morning,

We have two fireplaces in our home so firewood is always welcome.  What you see above is our neighbor's tree cut into fireplace lengths and dropped over the fence for us.  Yay! 
And, there is more. 
Only three logs over here by the garage?  Hmm.  Keep going to see an image of the same area a few hours later.
In this image you see three large trees on the right, a large tree without branches on the left, and an untouched tall tree in the center.  Eventually, all of these will be in our yard, too.

The three large trees on the right are next to our driveway and have managed to grow against the fence for the past forty years.  There's another one out of sight around the corner of the house.  Should any of these trees come down on their own or during a storm, there is a good possibility they could come into the third floor of our home, just about where our daughter sleeps.  Yep, it was time for them to go.
 The team is starting another one....
 These guys are terrific.  There's no way I could have ever had such a job.
 The pile grows
 and grows.
 This is only the end of the first day.  There is more to come.

Yes, that's My Honey on the right.  No, he didn't climb any trees, thank God!

Tune in tomorrow for the next episode.


1 comment:

Barbara said...

What a plus that some of it was split for you.