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Monday, October 17, 2016

Needlework and Wood Update - October, 2016

Good Morning,

Happy October!  It's Fall already and time for another monthly Needlework and Wood Update.  We have plenty of new items this month to show you.  Be sure to read all the way down to see the beautiful wood items, too!

Above is this month's large afghan blanket addition to the shop.  It's a pink lover's delight!
Also new this month is a turquoise lap or baby blanket with splashes of of pink.
Three children's truck sweaters were completed this month.  The trailer of the red truck is a pocket.
All three have been delivered to those who ordered them.
This gorgeous Cables and Lace sweater was also a custom order and has been delivered just in time for cool Fall days.
This turquoise and pink hat is new and will be available in the shop by November 5.
This set of bright can and bottle cozies has been delivered.  I plan to make a set of these for myself.
Here's something so very neat!  My Honey has made this gorgeous Executive Desk Top Puzzle.  It's not as easy as it looks to move the rope through the maze.  ;)
Here's another stress reliever photographed while still being made in the workshop.  It may be a stress reliever for the person who rolls the ball back an forth in this thing, but it's a stress increaser to anyone else nearby!  I know these things!
My Honey made  business card holder for himself this month.  Nice!  He carries it with him most of the time.  It's fun to see him use it and watch people ask about it.
These two pens were custom orders.  I love the wood pens!  They are so warm to the hand and comfortable to use.  There is a whole section of them available for purchase in our shop.
More small hardwood boxes!
These are wonderful for engagement rings, lockets, small bracelets, or other treasures.

And, many more...
...business card boxes came off the production line this month.  :)

So, it has been a busy month again.  I hope you've enjoyed seeing the items that we've produced.   This monthly update has become a great record of what we've made for me, too.

It is said that if you do what you love you'll be successful in life.  We are doing what we enjoy doing and are enjoying life, that's for sure!

We hope you'll stop by our on-line Etsy Shop, EvensensProductions.com, just to look around and/or while shopping for gifts and for yourself.   Thanks!

And, now, we return to our regularly scheduled blogging.  ;)


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Gunn said...

You are so creative both of you!
I love the blanket.

KaHolly said...

Hi, Lois! Wow! You two have been busy! Both of you have such skill. I'm so amazed at the wooden products. They are beautiful. I've always been impressed with your yarn work. I didn't crochet hardly at all this summer. I won't get better if I don't do the work! Hope you're doing well. XO