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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sand Hill Cranes at the Hampton Inn

Good morning,

We are staying at the Hampton Inn near Melbourne, Florida. 

As we returned to our room after breakfast we saw this family in the parking lot.  The were walking straight toward us when we walked out of the door of the hotel. 
We set our coffee down on the sidewalk and got our out phones to start taking pictures as the Sand Hill Crane family walked up to say hello.
We stood there taking pictures as the family found breakfast. 
As I stood in one spot, the family got so close I could no longer them them all in the picture.

 Aren't those feathers beautiful!
 I've never seen a Sand Hill Crane baby this close before.
 Just precious!
 Finally, we backed away to go into the hotel and leave the family to enjoy their breakfast.

What a lovely encounter!




Sherry said...

I can't believe they got that close to you, especially with the young one! Nice pictures.

Michelle said...

How interesting! Like Sherry, I cannot believe they came so close.

Lois said...

You got some wonderful pictures of them Lois! I see these beautiful birds a lot when I visit my grandkids in Orlando. They are not shy and come right up into their yard, in fact I had one get in front of my car one time and refuse to move out of the way. My grandson sent me a picture of a Sand Hill Crane couple with a baby that he saw when he was walking to school one morning. So cute!

Montanagirl said...

Absolutely fabulous shots of the Cranes, Lois! What wouldn't I give to get that close to some of those magnificent birds!!

Elaine said...

Wonderful shots, Lois! Great that you got to see the colt up so close. I never did get any closeup shots this year at Creamer's Field of the cranes. Things were pretty much melted when the cranes started to arrive, and I don't think they hung around long. We did have a pair visit our neighborhood a couple of days.