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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Needlework and Wood Update - April, 2016

Good morning,

In last month's Needlework Update I mentioned there would be more Toddler Baby Bonnets.  The black and white version is not only perfect for a little girl with a polka dot dress, but for a flower girl in a black and white wedding.

Be sure to scroll all the way down to see hand crafted wood items in this month's update, too!
I took many of these pictures with light inside to illustrate the texture of the crochet.
This patriotic version will be fun to wear all year long.

And, finally, here they all are all lined up in a row without the light beneath them. 
More turtles hatched this month, too.
 I have a special fondness for turtles.  They make wonderful dorm room, computer, telephone, and travel pets that never need to be fed or walked.  Our daughter has carried one in the side of her backpack for years.
 This was a month of several custom orders, too.  This is a shawl for a fashion doll that was a custom order.
 Another lady purchased a door knob cell phone bag that was listed in the shop and requested a second one to match.

  I made two more door knob baskets to restock the shop.
 And, then there were special wine bottle hats made for another lady.  She ordered the two above and...
 ...two of these cowboy style wine bottle hats.  I had designed and made cowboy hats for dolls before so it was fun to design and make two of these to fit the top of a wine bottle.  I plan on making a few more for the shop.  As my granddaughter, Anna, says, "Those are adorable!"
 Also to restock the shop are the lap blanket above and...
 ...baby blanket with turtle toy.
 Since we are at home once again, we have quite a few gorgeous wood items that My Honey has made. 
 Some of these boxes are still available in the shop.
Brand new this month are these business card holders.
 The first two are hand crafted of two shades of cherry wood...
 ...and the last three...
 are hand crafted of curly maple and walnut woods.
I absolutely love this wood that looks like satin.
As always, I made a series of cloche/chemo caps to restock the shop.

 This is a new black yarn with red, yellow, and blue highlights that has proven to be quite popular. 

So, that's it for the month!  Yes, we have been busy, just the way we love life to be.

Our little shop of hand crafted original and traditional knit, crochet, and wood designs, EvensensProductions.com turned five years old on March 2, and we are delighted with our progress.  Thank you so very much to all of you who encourage us by being customers, liking us on Facebook (which puts us higher in searches), and commenting on this blog and on our EvensensProductions Facebook page

 All the very best,

Hand Crafted Original and Traditional Designs


Jeno J said...

Looks amazing, appreciate the work. Love yours' creativity, thanks for sharing.

Marit Johanne said...

You have really been creative! Lovely work all of it.

Rose said...

You two have been so, so busy making beautiful stuff!

Beth said...

Lois, the baby bonnets and the turtles are adorable! I love turtles too, and had one (a real one!) as a pet when I was six :-)

Both you and your sweet Husband are so very talented; your blog is a joyful read.



Michelle said...

Those baby bonnets are so very cute! You, and your husband, are very talented people!

Elaine said...

Beautiful work, as always! Kjell's boxes are gorgeous. Marty makes a lot of little boxes too, only his technique is very different. I always enjoy seeing other people's creativity.