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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Needlework and Wood Update - January, 2016

Good morning,

It is time for the monthly picture review of the items created since last month.  This is always fun to get the images together and see where our creative hands and minds have taken us during the past month.  Be sure to scroll down and see the new wood designs, too.

Above is a full size couch or bed afghan blanket in very yummy colors of cotton candy twirl center surrounded by a raspberry sherbet and grape soda border. 
Here's something very different from what I usually have here in the Needlework Update.  This is a dog leash that I made from paracord and yarn for our pups.  It was fun doing braiding that I haven't done since I was in camp as a child.  I amazed myself that I remembered how to do it. 
This was the month of making headband ear warmers!
These are stylish, easy to put into your pocket, and keep your hair out of the way when jogging or enjoying any other outdoor sport.
I had fun developing different patterns...
 ...and styles.
This delicate pink ear warmer is made of a velvety yarn...
...as is this one in emerald green.
And, this one, too. ;)
Once I started making these, there was no way to stop me.
 These were a perfect road trip project.
 I made them for my family and for gifts...
 ...and there are several still available in the shop.

 I made a couple more hats to restock those that have sold recently.

And, finally, a sweet little pink turtle hatched. 
My Honey has been busy in his wood workshop.
This month he made some beautiful hand-turned wood salt and pepper shakers.
 And, his final project for this month is spectacular!  This is a five drawer one of a kind jewelry box...
...that includes a vertical drawer for necklaces.  Gorgeous!  This box has been sold, but other hand crafted wood jewelry boxes are still available in the shop.

That's the wrap up for this month.  We'll be home again next month and back to our crafts at home.

 Thanks for your encouragement. This is such fun!

We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging.

All the best,

Hand Crafted Original and Traditional Designs


Richard Lawry said...

Beautiful work. I'm amazed by the handiwork and the time commitment you have to make to do these kinds of things. The jewelry box is amazing! An Arkie's Musings

TexWisGirl said...

always love the unique wood designs. i like the headbands, too, as i don't wear hats. :)

Tanya said...

I love your husband's jewelry box. More valuable than any jewelry that I've ever had!