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Monday, November 5, 2012

On the Road Again Going South!

Good morning,

We've been on the road again going South to go on board Freedom of the Seas for another ten weeks. 

I'll have quite a few images, but they'll be a bit delayed and sometimes out of order since we are on the move.
These images are when we crossed the Savannah River and into Georgia. 
Gorgeous day in Georgia!
Stay tuned for more travel images!

All the best,

More Blog Programming notes:

I received two emails asking about my Etsy shop, EvensensProductions.com, and if it will be open while we travel.  The answer is YES!  I am still available 24/7 for email communications and while we are away our daughter Catherine does all the shipping promptly for the shop.  We have stocked the shop with more than 140 items for the holidays and hope you'll take a look there for your holiday and other shopping.



Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Safe travels as you journey south for another sail, Lois and Kjell. Glad you are headed south and not east.

Michelle said...

Safe travels to you!

TexWisGirl said...

the water views are pretty. and the palms. :)

Montanagirl said...

I'll have to visit your shop again! My left eye is doing quite well, and I see so great out of it, that it makes my right eye seem worse than ever - hence, I'm arranging to have right-eye surgery as well. My vision is way of whack right now. And my old glasses Rx doesn't work for me now....so I'm kind of caught between surgeries. Enjoy your trip!

Rose said...

Oh, loving that sky....always think they don't look quite real when they have that certain look to them.

sparkle100-havealook.blogspot.com said...

Safe travels. Nice photos. I love that song as well as the highway sign reads.

Jan n Jer said...

Have a safe trip n have fun celebrating the holidays on The ship!

Gail said...

I love Savannah.

Michele said...

I'm looking forward to more of your travel pictures!