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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Scenic View Overlook in Eastern Tennessee

Good morning,

We stopped at this scenic view overlook in Eastern Tennessee on our way to Florida.  There is that handsome man who appears in so many of my posts up there.  ;)
The weather on this trip was so varied often in the same day that we feel lucky to have had blue skies for this stop.
The lot is quite large, but only four cars were here now.
If you look carefully toward the right side of the above image you will see three people on the other side of the wall.  They had computers and seemed to be trying to connect with far away places.
Interesting.  A science project?
 I can't stop hearing "She'll be comin' 'round the mountain" in my head....
 ...and, that's "goin' 'round the mountain" in the other direction.

I am guessing all the grey paint on the walls in the area is covering graffiti.  That is definitely not the original color of the concrete.  If that paint does cover graffiti, I hope the culprits were caught, had to buy the paint and had to paint the walls, too.  I hate to think those are our tax dollars at work covering graffiti.
 Standing next to the wall, I looked over the side and saw some lovely wild flowers.
 One more look off into the distance and we got on our way again.

We love road trips.  :)



Tammy said...

Looks like a beautiful place for a stop!

Jan n Jer said...

When I am in Tennessee...I always want to sing the Davey Crockett song.
"Born on a mountain top in TN, greenest state in the land of the free" tada tada tada

Sherry said...

Yes, definitely a scenic area. From the weather maps, it looks like you will be coming back to port in rain tomorrow. Let's hope Debby fizzles out!

Nedra said...


grammie g said...

Hi Lois...It seem you just got home...but you do see a lot of gorgeous places on you trips back and forth from Florida!!!
What a beautiful country we live in!!!
Safe sea's

TexWisGirl said...

blues and greens and stone walls. pretty.

Pamela Gordon said...

These are beautiful views from this lookoff and quite a masterpiece of road construction too.

Prem said...

Great sceneries and loving the clear blue skies and the greens.

Rose said...

What a scenic spot!

Annmarie Pipa said...

such beauty!!

NixBlog said...

Wonderful shots of this lovely place, Lois.

Olive Knitting said...

I really like how you guys make your "commute" a lovely trip in its own right! You surely have seen so many beautiful places.