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Friday, September 30, 2011

Seven Links Challenge

Good morning,

My fellow blogger, Quay Po over at Quay Po Cooks tapped me with the Seven Links Challenge.  If you haven't found her blog yet, stop over and take a look at all of the wonderful things she cooks.  AND, she shares her recipes.

I hadn't seen the Seven Links Challenge before Quay Po named me to take it up and do it myself.  It seems I am to search into my own blog and answer seven questions about it.  I am then to name three others to whom to pass this challenge.

OK, I'm game.  ;)  Here we go with the seven questions I am to answer about my blog.

1.  Most Beautiful Post

That has to be the posts about my family.  The most recent is the post about My Honey's Birthday Party.  The image at the top of this post is from that party post.

2.  Most Popular Post

This one still gets hits constantly.  I think it's because Google picked up my images and people come in from there: Oasis of the Seas and Freedom of the Seas in Cozumel, Mexico

3.  Most Controversial Post

Uh, I avoid those since this blog doesn't address controversial issues (as far as I know.) :)

4.  Most Helpful Post

From what I am told, that has to be my Bread Making posts.  If you click that link, you'll go to the Bread Making label where you'll find 56 bread recipe posts.

5.  Surprisingly Successful Post

This was a post I did about the Yacht Cakewalk that I saw in St.Thomas, U.S.V.I.  That one continues to get many, many hits. I think others see the yacht out there sailing around, go to the Internet to find information about it, and find my post.

6.  Post that did not get the attention that it deserved.

I couldn't answer this one.  I don't make the decision about which posts are most popular.  You, the readers, do that.

7.  The post that makes me most proud.

I enjoy blogging and enjoy capturing images and writing about them.  I guess I am quite proud, though, of my Free Form Crochet Techniques post.  I love creating with yarn and creative crochet is a great deal of fun for me.  I am very proud that this post was very well received when it was first posted, is linked from many other sites, and continues to get hits regularly.

OK, I've done it!  Now it is time for me to name three other bloggers to answer the same seven questions.  All three of these bloggers have gorgeous, outstanding blogs. 

If you don't have time, I certainly understand, but I would love to read your answers to the challenge and follow your links:

I have enjoyed this exercise.  I hope you have, too.  ;)



Happy Days said...

The flowers are most pretty!! Those were hard questions. I don't think I could have answered but a few of them. You did pretty good Lois!!...debbie

Wanda..... said...

I will definitely visit Quay Po's blog! I haven't seen this challenge before either, Lois, just hope I'm able to answer the questions. My blog does really serve a purpose, other than being a scrapbook of sorts of my moments for friends and family to share.

Elaine and Mona are ecellent company to be chosen with...I love their blogs of Alaska and Montana happenings. Thank you Lois.

Wanda..... said...

Oh my...I would leave out an important word! :) That should read ...my blog does (not) really serve a purpose, other than etc.....

Glad I came back

Elaine said...

I haven't seen this challenge before either. Definitely a challenge to answer those questions, but I'll make an attempt when we get back home again from our roadtrip. Actually, roadtrips are what prompted me to do a blog in order to keep family posted on where we were and what we were doing. I have to agree with Wanda about being in good company. Both of their blogs are beautiful!