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Friday, July 15, 2011

Trench Diggers, Robins, and Grills

Good morning,

It's always something, isn't it?  When we got home after ten weeks away we were delighted to see there was green in the back yard.  Usually by July it has been so hot that grass has given up trying to live out there.  It doesn't help that there are always plenty of people and dogs walking on it, too.  Although not perfect grass, I was just happy to see green!  There has been so much rain this year that the green was able to stay.
Within a few hours of getting home we discovered we had no electricity in our detached garage.  My Honey and Bill, our home builder friend, narrowed the problem down to electricity making it to the outside wall of our home, but nothing at the garage.  The cable in the ground must have broken in all that rain that kept the grass green.   Soooooo, that's Bill with the trench digger out there digging up the green to put in a new electric cable to the garage.  *sigh*  Bill the Home Builder and My Honey the Engineer put the new cable in a pipe which was quite a step up from the wiring we had before in this 100+ year old home.

Aside:  Those white posts in the image above are weave poles,  part of Erik and Penny's agility toys. 
 Later in the afternoon, Mrs. Robin and her family stopped by to collect yummy tidbits churned up by the trench digger.
 I took these images with my baby camera - a Canon Power Shot.
I was happy to get what I got by zooming from the patio.  Since I took these images I have spread grass seed and covered this area with a thin layer of compost.  I'm sure the birds will get plenty of the grass seed, too, but that's OK.
 While we were away we ordered a new smoker/grill for My Honey for Father's Day.  Now that he is home he had to got to put it together.
 There are 191 parts to this thing! He counted them. It's a good thing he's an Engineer.
 I guess he's lucky I didn't get this one for him to put together!  ;)

I'll run outside with my camera and see if I can get some images of the steaks for another post.  

It's so much fun to be home.  Actually, it is.  It's fun dealing with home things again! 

Very best,



Judy said...

That looks like an awesome grill. YUM steaks! I can't wait to see those.

Sherry said...

Wow! I wouldn't want to get in the way of that trench digger! That's one big piece of machinery. Nice close ups of the robin.

texwisgirl said...

glad you were able to restore electricity without anyone getting hurt! can i borrow your engineer hubby or your homebuilder friend sometime? i've got some honey-dos here! :)

Diana said...

You sound very happy Lois. And how sweet of you to help the birds with their meal!
Nice grill, I'm sure hubby was very happy with it!
Love Di ♥

EG Wow said...

It doesn't take long for the robins to show up, does it? Hmmm, owning a home always has its challenges but ti sounds like you have a good attitude about it. :)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

After seeing the size of that grill/smoker, Lois, I can hardly wait to see the size of the steaks that Kjell will cook. Glad the electricity problem was fiexed - it's handy having a neighbor with a trench digger.

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Everyone,

Yes, it was nice of Bill the Home Builder to help out. He lives all the way across town and used his truck to bring the trench digger over here and do the job for us. He's been a family friend for quite awhile now.

Steaks tomorrow!

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by and for your kind words.


ksdoolittle said...

I learned a fun fact about robins the other day. It's the Papa that cares for them after they fledge, while the mom builds a new nest and gets ready for another brood!! ~karen

Nedra said...

It looks like you have jumped right back in to big projects now that you are home. The new grill looks awesome! and thanks for the marinade recipe.

Rose said...

It is always something with a home...it could have been a lot worse than no electricity to the garage. I know two people that have come home to find leaks that have ruined lots of stuff.