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Friday, July 8, 2011

Packing Up

Good morning,

We are packing up and will soon be on the road heading North to Ohio.  :) 

I have a few more needlework items finished that were works in process that I had a need to finish before I put them into a suitcase.  Above is a child size 8 basket weave pattern stitch sweater.
I've also made one to match to fit Ginger, my 18" doll. Although still on the needles in this image, it is finished now.  :)
I've made another lady bug baby set.  I made one a year ago and just loved it so had to do it again.  The last set was knit except for the crochet toy, this one is all crochet, but the two sets are similar.
To the beach!  Here Ginger is modeling shorts, halter top, and visor hat.
Ginger is ready for ice skating next winter, too.   
 This is Ginger's travel outfit to wear home all tucked away in her suitcase.  I got carried away making clothes for her this time.  Once I got started it became addictive.  She's such a sweetie and loves to model new clothes.
 It's amazing how helpful these little items are at the baggage claim area.  I've made sets of these luggage identifiers in a variety of colors for myself and for friends.

Below is something I didn't make.  My friend Karen made this wonderful tote bag for me and I just LOVE it!
 Karen is a quilter who is not only wonderfully creative, she does perfectly precise work.
 I will enjoy using this bag for many, many years to come!
 Karen's attention to detail included balls of yarn fabric for the lining.  How perfect for me to use to carry my knitting.

Thank you, Karen!  Wow!  I am so grateful for this gorgeous gift!
 Our friend Yvette gave me this beautiful beaded bracelet.  Her choice of colors couldn't have been more perfect for me.  I used to do quite a lot of work with beads.  Although I use them from time to time with knit or crochet projects, I haven't made jewelry for many years.  This is just lovely!  Thank you, Yvette!  :)

What are you working on now?  Do you move from one creative medium to another?

We are ready to travel so my needlework projects will slow down for awhile.  We are so looking forward to our road trip North to Ohio, though, and being home with the family including the dogs of course! 

Look out kitchen, here we come!

Happy creating,



Ann Nichols said...

Lois - you are just amazing! I love everything! But the hats... I think they are my favorite. What am I working on...? Writing books is my creative avenue! But I do so love crocheting (although i haven't done anything in several years...) Knitting is beyond me altogether though... those needles just make me feel like I have too many fingers!
Have a lovely trip home!

Sherry said...

I agree! You do so much. Those luggage tags are a good idea. My luggage blends in with all the other black pieces. If I ever buy another set of luggage, it won't be black!!!

texwisgirl said...

your ladybug outfit is my favorite. really, really cute...

safe travels by land!!!

Montanagirl said...

Love that Lady Bug outfit. The gifts you received are beautiful. You have some talented friends!

Anonymous said...

You have been a busy woman on this trip!! What a pretty pink sweater!! Love all the doll outfits! They are so cute and of course I love the lady bug outfit ~ too darn cute!! You making them for the shoppe?? They will make someone really happy! Drive safe on your way home...debbie

Nedra said...

Your knitting is wonderful. Love the Ladybug.
Have a safe trip and I hope all is well at home.

Mama-Bug said...

Have a safe trip back to Ohio Lois and thanks for sharing your cruise with us.

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Everyone,

Yes, Debbie, most of those items are going into the shop. :) I won't have as much time at home to work on more things so use my time away to "create." ;)

I look forward to being back to our high speed internet and more band width!

Texwisgirl, I love your new picture! So nice. :))

Thank you so much for all of your kind comments.

Very best,


EG Wow said...

Ginger is one of the very best-dressed doll I have ever seen. She's so lucky to have you to knit and crochet for her.

Honey at 2805 said...

Your needlework project are all so beautiful, and the little pink sweater adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love the lady bug outfit also, and Ginger is one very lucky doll to have such an impressive wardrobe, your friend is a talented girl and you are a lucky lady to be given such a gift, enjoy your trip and especially home and family.

Gunn said...

Wow, you are a very Creative Lady!