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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow Days and Signs of Spring


Good morning,

Today I'm sharing something close to my heart.  Well, these are "someones" close to my heart.  :-)

Here are four of my six grandchildren (the five year old is mostly behind the thirteen year old) on a recent snow day.  Their Dad, my son, was helping them build an igloo in the back yard.  The image above was taken when the igloo had gotten to level two; the image below was taken when the the igloo had grown to level three.

That igloo was destined to never be finished, though, because the weather just didn't stay cold enough.  But, they had a grand time and I'm delighted to have the images to prove it.  Hey, kids, you did a great job! You, too, Dad.  :-)

It is now just a couple of days after those igloo pictures above were taken and the scene outside has surely changed!

I live about fifteen minutes away by car from the kids so our weather is the same each day.  Just an hour ago, I took these images in my garden:


These little white flowers are beside our back yard gold fish pond.


And, these daffs are pushing up through the compost beside the bird bath in the front garden.

Ah, yes, Spring is coming soon.



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