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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Conversation with Erik: A Bath for the Fishies

Good morning,

Here's another Conversation with Erik, our almost one year old Labrador Retriever.  This time I am helping him clean the gold fish pond in our back yard garden.  Since he is not quite a year old, he hasn't done this before so this is a wonderful new experience for him.  

This picture story is especially for our six grandchildren who live near and far and everyone else who loves dogs. 

Very best,

Conversation with Erik: A Bath for the Fishies

Erik:  I think the fish need a bath.
 Me:  Oh?  Do you want to give the fish a bath today?
Erik:  Sure!  Looks like fun.  I just love water.
 Erik:  But this water doesn't smell like my water bowl!
Me:  No, it's time for Spring cleaning of the pond.
 Me:  It's warm enough now that it won't freeze again so we can remove the de-icer.
Erik:  Penny, would you like to help?
Penny:  No, thanks.  I've done that before.  I think I'll just sit over here in the driveway and catch some rays.
Erik:  OK, I'll just do it myself.  I'll put the siphon hose in and get rid of the old water.
Erik:  Mom, what are those?
Me:  Those are water lilies, Erik. They'll push big round leaves and  pretty flowers up through the water in a few weeks.
Erik:  The siphon is working.  The pond is emptying.  We're on a roll now!
 Erik:  Look!  The water is almost gone!
Me:  Erik, what are you going to do about those fishies?
Erik:  Uh, will you please take them out and give them a bath?
 Me:  Sure thing!  I'll be glad to help.  I'll just put the fishies in this red bucket until you finish cleaning the pond.  We better use some of this de-chlorination stuff, though, to keep the fishies comfy.
Me:  Look!  We have six already!  There are five more in there.
Erik:  Ohhhh!  May I play with them?
Me:  Uh, no.  They are busy taking a bath.
Erik:  Almost empty!
Erik:  Mom, will you scoop out that yucky stuff?
Me:  Sure, Erik, not a problem.
Erik:  Time to refill!  Clean water for the fishies!
 Erik:  It looks so clean!
Erik:  I like giving the fishies a bath!  They look so happy in there!
Me:  Good job, Erik!
Erik:  No problem.  What else can I do for you today?


blog said...

Isn't that puppy labor? Are there laws about that???

Lois Evensen said...

He is paid in chicken necks and liver treats. He loves his work and is happy with his pay. :) Liver treats recipe here: http://loishands.blogspot.com/2010/01/liver-cookies-dog-treats.html

Harry & Doris said...

Just love this blog..... glad to know we are not the "only" ones who can and do "talk with the animals".....

Lois Evensen said...

Thanks, Harry and Doris, I know your love of our four legged "kids." You're my kind of people. Thanks for your sweet comments.