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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Vintage Treasures

 Good morning,

A friend of Catherine's, Sue, was cleaning out her Dad's home and found some treasures for those of us who love needlework.  

The pattern book above cost 10 cents when new.  It's fun to look through it, but, sadly, the paper is so fragile it falls apart when touched.

 The copyright is 1953.  Note the New York address doesn't yet have a full zip code.

 The pattern book was in a box with this yarn!  I immediately recognized it as yarn from McAlpin's Department store.  Not only is McAlpin's gone for many years, but they stopped selling needlework supplies at least 20 years before they closed their stores.

Whenever I see old yarn, I immediately check for discoloration and smell it to see if it has been stored properly.  This yarn smells clean with a slight aroma of cedar. Someone took very good care of it.  I'm guessing it was stored in a cedar closet.

This label is a little newer than the accompanying book based on the different zip code address format.

It seems the owner of this yarn was both a knitter and crocheter.  It's fun that I have a blue Boye plastic crochet hook exactly like the one pictured.  I've tried to buy a new set of those and haven't found them for years. 

Thank you, Sue, for passing these lovely items that you found in your Dad's home on to me through Catherine.  How fun to have them!  I'm sure I'll make something special.



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