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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Science Channel

Good morning,

We are news junkies.  We follow the national and international news closely.

But, lately, we get our fill.  We listen to the news and a few of the opinion programs, then change the channel.  If you get tired of (fed up with) the news these days, we highly recommend the Science Channel if you haven't already become a fan.

We've always enjoyed the Science Channel and recently have found ourselves looking forward to switching over to it after seeing the news of the day.  I took the image above of our TV screen last night during "How the Universe Works."  Fascinating!

On Sunday nights there is a new series about Vikings in America.  We watched the first episode this week and found the historical information interesting, but the presentation was over dramatic.  We'll watch again next Sunday.

More family fun....

What do you watch when you get sick and tired of the news?


1 comment:

Barbara said...

Usually HGTV becomes a welcome change.