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Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Queen on Her Throne

Good morning,

The Queen is on her trone in the middle of the living room.

Our Sweet Penny is thirteen and a half years old now.  That makes her almost 100 years old in human years.  She sleeps a lot and doesn't see so well.  Arthritis has slowed her down, but she still gets so excited when we get home.  She stays with us wherever we are in the house or outside in the yard.

During Penny's career she was an Agility Dog and has earned many titles.  As a canine athlete, she is in remarkable shape for her age.  

There is something so special about the love and devotion of an old dog.  We are so glad she is still with us.

We love our old lady so very much.


1 comment:

Kim Emond said...

Oh my goodness you touched me....the love of an older dog. We lost our girl three months ago at age possibly 12. Spot on!

Kim Burton