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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

It's Like Making Sausage....But So Much Prettier!

Good morning,

This may look a little messy, but it gets...
...even messier as I make my original design patchwork items.

These are new sweaters in colors grouped and knitted together with the intarsia technique of working with multiple strands of yarn at one time.
The finished product is quite nice!  I've finished the sweater in the images above. If you'd like to see more images of the finished sweater, click here.

There are several other patchwork sweaters here.

There is a back story to my bright and beautiful patchwork sweaters.  I was watching a children's movie with my grandchildren when they saw a similar sweater on one of the lead characters.  They liked it so much that I designed and made one for each of the grandchildren.  They have had a grand time wearing them. 

Each sweater is truly unique.  I've now designed and made them for our shop in sizes for children and adults.  They are very popular and I've sold and shipped them to countries around the world.

As always, if you see something you like and would like one made for you in your size and other color groups, please write.  We invite custom orders.   EvensensProductions.com

All the best,

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