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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Stack 'em Up!

Good morning,

This is the "stack of Labs" just inside the dining room door from the kitchen.  They are patiently waiting while I'm making dinner. 




Sherry said...

Oh, isn't that cute! Unfortunately, I've had to resort to putting one Lab in the cage while I feed the other one. They got into a routine - drives me crazy - of taking a few bites out of their bowl, then as if on cue, quickly switching to the other bowl - back and forth and in all this chaos, spilling dog food all over the floor, including water. Bailey is the instigator. I never had this issue till she came on board! There is a video on Facebook of a man who had his Lab puppy trained to lay down, close his eyes (as if to give a blessing) before he eats. And the bowl of food is right there! That would never happen in this house! Mine eat like they haven't eaten in a month.

Tanya said...

They are patiently waiting for something to drop!