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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Twin Exhaust and New Carpet

Good morning,

These images were taken on Deck 4, aft, of Freedom of the Seas.

The ship is constantly being maintained with new carpet even while at sea.  Here you see several rolls of carpet waiting to be installed.  The week I took these images several of the staircases were being re-carpeted. 
Another interesting sight here on the aft of the ship is the twin exhaust system for the emergency diesel generators. 

Those are quite a bit larger than the twin exhaust on our SUV!

An interesting fact: if you divide the amount of fuel needed for propulsion to move this ship one land mile by the 6,000 people on board, you use less fuel per mile than you do in your SUV to drive yourself to the grocery. The rest of the fuel used on board is for everything needed to power a small city the same as you would use on land:  lights, air conditioning, cooking, etc.


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