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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Quick Trip to Viera Wetlands

Good morning,

Whenever we get near Melbourne, Florida, we have to stop at Viera Wetlands for a quick visit.
There is always someone here to greet us and provide for some great images to take home.
The birds hang out here waiting for lunch to pass through the recirculating water.
Of course, Mr. Alligator is out there, too, waiting for lunch to pass by.
So pretty!
 These two young guys were here with their Mom who didn't seem to have them under control.  They were throwing rocks at alligators, who, incidentally, don't have any fences between them.  Not only is it dangerous, it is just plain WRONG to throw rocks at the animals at the Wetlands or anywhere.

The Mom in me told the kids to stop throwing the rocks which I did in my Mom voice.  When I mentioned it to their Mom who returned after she had wandered off to use a portable bathroom just outside the wetlands leaving them on their own, she was quite upset that I had told them to stop throwing rocks.  *sigh*

Another couple visiting the Wetlands who saw the whole exchange complimented me on telling the kids to stop throwing the rocks.  

Sometimes you just have to get involved.



TexWisGirl said...

some people's kids... and parents...

Deere Driver said...

I'm with you Lois!

Sherry said...

Well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! The older boy looks old enough to know that it isn't too smart to throw rocks at any animal, especially an alligator that could retaliate.

Lois said...

Oh good grief. This is why kids grow up and do even worse things. Good for you! Thanks for sharing the pictures of this beautiful place. I love all the birds!

Rose said...

It seems there are two types of parents...well no, I should say some people are parents and some aren't. I always think back to some kids that came here, and I was standing talking to the mom and one of the kids did something and I grabbed it and swatted its bottom without even thinking, and we just went on talking...of course they were here as much as they were at home that summer.

And you know what, we don't see those kids often enough, but when they come, they still feel like they are our kids.

Elaine said...

Some lovely photos of the Wetlands. I'm with you on telling the kids to stop. I have been known to do the same thing. There's just no need for that kind of behavior, and I'm talking about the mom. If the alligator got mad and came ashore the mom would have been upset with you too. Seems like parenting today is much different than when I was raising my kids.