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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Helicopter Medical Evacuation from Freedom of the Seas

Good morning,

Today's images are of another helicopter medical evacuation from Labadee, a port of call of Freedom of the Seas.
Since the ship is tied up, the helicopter landed on the dock walkway to the island.
The ship's fire teams were at the ready should there be any problem near the ship.

The ship has a helipad on the bow, but since we are tied up, it is safer for the helicopter to land on the dock walkway.
Taking off....

 The patient is on the way to a hospital for more intensive care than can be provided on the ship.
 It's wonderful that we can enjoy travel, yet still be able to access medical care as necessary.

All the best,


MarkD60 said...

Once my cousin was coming on a cruise ship, someone had a medical issue and had to be medivac-ed. So the ship went north of Cuba instead of south of Cuba and didn't stop here.

Hope they are ok, whoever they are!

TexWisGirl said...

always hate to see these posts, but grateful the passengers can get medical treatment when they need it.

Mersad said...

I hope that they will be fine. Do you know what happened?

Lynette said...

Amazing post, Lois.

Michelle said...

Nice to see that medical help is available, when needed.