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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Going Ashore in Grand Cayman

Good morning,

Here we are in Grand Cayman again.  This is one of the ports where we go ashore with friends when they are aboard.
This is one of the tenders that carries guests between our ship, Freedom of the Seas, and shore.
One of the great benefits of this tender trip is the view of Freedom that we get.  I just love these images from sea level.
We are sitting in the back this time where we can see the sea churning as the propellers start up.
That is the shell door in the side of the ship where we just came off of the ship and on to the tender.
 So pretty!
 Another tender is returning to Freedom from shore.

 The color of the water is so gorgeous.  It is very shallow here as we are pulling up to the dock.

More images of Grand Cayman to come!



MarkD60 said...

We ought to get together.

Judy said...

Look at that beautiful weather, and the ship is so big.

Jan n Jer said...

No winter coats needed there! Can we please trade places!!!!

Michelle said...

You make me want to take a cruise!

Les Barr said...

Happen to come across your Blog, Lois and noticed that you've been on a Cruise to the Grand Cayman Islands.

Eileen and I have also taken 2 Cruises and loved them both. The last one we did was this past October aboard the Royal Carribian Cruise Ship, Explorer of the Sea. We had such a great time, and the water is just like you have pictured. You can't beat those Cruises for everything you get. We went to kings Wharf in Bermuda for a 2 day stay in the Port. I have pictures on my Blog, if you want to stop by. The temp. there was so much, much better than what it is here. Tempeture here is in the single digit's. Too darn cold for me!

Montanagirl said...

Very pretty photos, Lois! That ship is just so huge!!

Elaine said...

Always nice to see the view of the ship from the outside.

Rose said...

This was interesting to see...

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Ah, I'm warmed up already. We are supposed to have freezing rain tonight.

Gunn said...

Looks fantastic!!!!

Nyt dagene!