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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Voice of America

Good morning,

Do you remember Voice of America?  My Honey remembers listening to it while growing up in Norway and in other parts of the world when he went to sea.  At that time he had no idea he would someday live very close to where VOA originated in Southern Ohio.  The building is currently being converted into a museum.

Voice of America originated here surrounded by many, many large radio towers in the flat fields of Southern Ohio.  When I was a child riding in the car with my parents, I remember seeing the towers from the highway when we passed.

Now near the building these Canada Geese have stopped for a rest.

A large section of the old Voice of America property has been made into a park.  Click here for park information.

When the VOA Museum opens, we will visit once again.  :)

Click here for additional information about the building of Voice of America in Central Ohio.  I get a kick out of Hitler referring to it as the "Cincinnati Liars."

Voice of America lives on today as a web site.  Click here to take a look.



Sherry said...

I remember Voice of America!

Montanagirl said...

Wow - right there in Ohio. Did not know that!

TexWisGirl said...

not familiar with them.

grammie g said...

Hi Lois...wow I remember that ...I guess that gives my age away LOL!!

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Everyone,

VOA is still around, but in a different form now. It's a web site:


Thanks, everyone, for stopping by.

Lois :)


How very interesting ... yes, I remember Voice of America from my youth. And it's great that they're saving the building to renovate into a museum and park area. The Canadian Geese...oh man...jealous here. When I grew up in Colorado, we had tons of them around us...here, none. I miss watching them.

Oh and your post below, I had to tell you my son's name is Erik with a "K". Your Erik is mighty handsome.

VP said...

I surely remember that and have met many people in Europe that will never forget those broadcasts!

Elaine said...

Good to see they're turning the building into a museum. VOA was an important part of our history.

Anonymous said...

Now that you mentioned it!! I DO remember the voice of America!! Never really paid any attention, as I was just a little kid, but I can hear the words, how they were said in my mind!! Had no idea it was in Ohio! Interesting!! ...debbie

vicki said...

Lois- this is so interesting- I had no idea about the VOA- don't know why I had not heard about it--- I'm not THAT young! Great photos-- I feel like I learned something new!!

NixBlog said...

How interesting! I remember as 5-year-old accompanying my parents to Rhodes in Greece where they worked for the construction of facilities for the Voice of America!