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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eden Park Overlook - Cincinnati, Ohio

Good morning,

Previously I published pictures of the upper level overlook in Eden Park in Cincinnati.  Today's images were taken from the lower level of the same park. 

We stopped at the lower level of Eden Park to get some images of the Ohio River from this angle when we spotted these Canada Geese (above) entertaining a family at a nearby picnic table.  They were extremely tame and allowed the children to walk fairly close.

We turned around and walked across the drive to the overlook and...
 ...here is the view of the Ohio River.  That tree has surely been left there on purpose for photographers to incorporate in their work.  It is the above view that is so pretty at sunrise for anyone to can manage to get up early enough to capture it.
 This is another image, this time zoomed a little so you can see the Belle of Cincinnati going around the bend.  I have a series of images taken aboard the Belle last summer here.

When people ask us how we can live so far away from the water, we show or describe this shot.  ;)





Yogi♪♪♪ said...

It looks like a beautiful park with great overlooks. The Ohio river is so historic and an important waterway. I'd like to go to Cincinnati and check out the sights.

My one view of the Ohio river was where it joins the Mississippi. It was just like in the magazines. The Mississippi was brown and the Ohio was blue and they joined together as brown on the west and blue on the east for quite a distance.

Judy said...

So beautiful. I love seeing the Mississippi river. I'm sure the Ohio is much the same.

The Church Lady said...

Hello Lois! Thanks for sharing your photos overlooking the Ohio River. It is a breathtaking view! I live near a State Park and less than a mile from the lake. We have so many geese and right now we are waiting for the baby goslings to hatch. Talk about a photographers dream! But, don't get too close to the babies...the mother goose will hiss at you!

texwisgirl said...

it's lovely. :)

Adsila said...

Lovely pictures. I want to take a cruise on the Mississippi River some day. My parents did and had a great time.

grammie g said...

Hi Lois...Looks lovely and peaceful!!
Someday I'm going to ride on one of those river boats!!

EG Wow said...

What wonderful views you have from the park. And for sure that tree was left there for photographers. ;)

Montanagirl said...

Looks to be a lovely park with lots to take photos of!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

I wish we had parks this beautiful around here!!! Gorgeous shots.

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Thanks for visiting with me yesterday, and hope your day is super.

Rose said...

Love those views of the river...we cross it going home to Tennessee, but have never stopped for a closer inspection. I don't know why, cause we both love rivers.