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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Izzy's With Family

 Good morning,

We met our #1 son and his wife at Izzy's again last week for a reuben sandwich.  This restaurant was in downtown Cincinnati when it was founded generations ago, but has now moved to where it is very convenient to us.  The sandwich pictured in that menu above is absolutely fantastic.  When the restaurant was new, it was Kosher, but no longer is. I remember the restaurant in the 1960's in downtown Cincinnati.  Here is a fantastic history.

 Les and Diane were in town to help someone move so it was great that there were a few minutes to see them during their quick visit here.

Of course, pictures are a part of our family gatherings.   :)  

Our daughter Catherine joined us, too, just long enough to say hello and enjoy a reuben sandwich.  She was still in the crunch time of a tax deadline, but couldn't miss the chance to see everyone and enjoy a meal with us before returning to her office to work through the night.

Retirement is good.  :)



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Olde Dame Holly said...

Oh, that's right, the Fed gov fiscal year end is coming right up! Talk about spooky and frightening for Halloween! What wonderful Ruebens. That is a sandwich that is hard to find out West now.

gigi-hawaii said...

Always good to see photos of your family, Lois. Glad that you had such a nice visit.

Emille (Jeshstgermain) said...

Love your capture thumbnail for Thankful Thursday.This year we know it's not common place we can visit each other!

Michelle said...

Glad that you all had a nice visit. I appreciate you linking up and hope to see you back again!!